Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yahoo! for Welcome To England video premiere

Aaaaah, that's better ... I can now move slightly back from the the edge of my seat because I've just watched the NEW Tori Amos video for her NEW single "Welcome To England" from her NEW forthcoming album ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN (Oh Tori, aren't we all my dear!?)

But I can only move slightly back, because truth be told I'm still all kinds of anxious and a whole wide world of excited for Tori's new disc to drop like manna from heaven.

But that's not until next month....

In the meantime, I'm pretty darn happy with what I've heard - and now seen - so far. So go on ahead and check it out for yourself. Here it is, the new Tori Amos video ... behold the goddess:

YEE to the HAW! Love Love LOVE it! I really like that song a whole lot. It is absolutely classic Tori. Although watching this video for Welcome To England could easily lead one to believe it should perhaps be re-titled as Welcome to London since there are so many great shots of jolly old London town in the video.

Ya just gotta totally dig the old school camera Tori (that would be blonde Tori) is using to take photos in the sequences filmed from inside one of the London Eye modules. Even the way she's holding it, she just drips from another era. But then again, Tori always did do that which is part of why I love her music. She's not only a timeless visionary, but she's also... era-less! (if that's even a word which I'm sure it's not but who cares I like it anyway ;-)

This video and song gets a Grade A from me.

Matter of fact, so does the Tori Amos co-founded RAINN - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. It's there to help people who need the help, so check 'em out at

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