Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer's here, but ice is the focus

It makes no nevermind that a heat wave has been felt right across the land, and that very warm summer-style weather has been enjoyed a little earlier than usual this year. Nope, makes no difference at all because Canadians are still All. About. The. Hockey.

From the Canadian Press, here's the latest Top 10 TV ratings and, natch, the Stanley Cup finals top the list.

Here are the top 10 English television programs in Canada, with viewer numbers, for the week of May 25-31 according to BBM Nielsen Media Research:

1 Stanley Cup Finals (CBC, Saturday-Sunday)—1,803,000

2 So You Think You Can Dance 5 (CTV, Wednesday)—1,544,000

3 NHL Playoffs (CBC, Tuesday-Wednesday)—1,398,000

4 So You Think You Can Dance 5 (CTV, Thursday)—1,374,000

5 The Mentalist (CTV, Tuesday)—1,182,000

6 Bones (Global, Monday)—1,178,000

7 NCIS (Global, Tuesday)—1,127,000

8 Two and a Half Men (CTV, Monday)—1,122,000

9 Criminal Minds (CTV, Wednesday)—1,107,000

10 CTV Evening News (CTV, Monday-Friday)—1,097,000

As the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins prepare for a death battle today in the NHL, I'm sure the next time we see the Top 10 shows in Canada there will be ZERO change in what's on top.

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