Sunday, January 20, 2008


It used to drive me nuts to watch George Clooney on ER because he had a way of looking at other people which was just completely annoying - he would angle his face down, tuck his chin into his collarbone and then (awkwardly) look up with his eyebrows raised and forehead all scrunched up. I think he thought it was sexy or something, but really I just found it annoying. Anyhoo, I got over that and now I like him. Actually I think he's hot now. But aside from all that, GEORGE was given a new job-title on Friday - George Clooney is now a United Nations messenger of peace:

George Clooney had gotten a lot of honors over career – from an Oscar to the title PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive – but now he is being honored for his humanitarian work. The actor, who is also an advocate for refugees in Darfur, has been named a United Nations "messenger of peace," it was announced Friday. The actor is being "recognized for focusing public attention on crucial international political and social issues," according to U.N. spokeswoman Michele Montas. Clooney, 46, joins Michael Douglas and musician Yo-Yo Ma as previous celebrity U.N. honorees. Clooney and friend Don Cheadle were given the Peace Summit Award by a group of Nobel Laureates Dec. 13 for their work for Darfur. With Cheadle and Brad Pitt, Clooney has raised money for refugees through the "Not On Our Watch" charity and helped draw attention to the crisis in Darfur in western Sudan. (Root) (Pic Root)

Gimme more of that! Congratulations to George on this truly great honor. Not only is he a fantastic actor and tres easy on the eyes, but now he's also spreading his peaceful message from an even higher profile than before. Wouldn't it be great to attend a dinner party or something with George and his gorgeous, altruistic friends like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, etc. Good food + hot dudes with a heaping helping of intelligent conversation about things that really matter in this world of ours. Now that whets the 'ol appetite.

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