Friday, February 1, 2008


The ever-so-fab Kylie Minogue is totally back, kids!

I've been listening to the new KYLIE album 'X' quite alot lately and it's a whole lotta musical goodness indeed. And from that collection of tunes, KYLIE is about to launch a Pop Music Attack on the planet. Two singles - count 'em, TWO - from X are about to hit the streets simultaneously - 'WOW' and 'IN MY ARMS'.
One of the singles, In My Arms, has been packing the dancefloors of gay clubs here in Vancouver lately. And now we can finally check out the brand new IN MY ARMS video clip that just made its way onto the triple-dub:

I love the sunglasses Kylie's wearing in that makeshift retro recording studio complete with reel-to-reel tape machines behind her. The sunglasses are somewhat reminiscent of those worn by her friend and fellow Aussie Olivia Newton John in the montage sequence of TWO OF A KIND, her 1983 film flop with John Revolting/Travolta. They tried to re-live the glory days of GREASE with that one, to no avail (I'm probably the only one on Earth who likes it).

Back to KYLIE, it's so great to see her doing so well after her own fight against breast cancer. And she clearly hasn't forgotten that other people are still going through something similar to what she went through. That must have something to do with her recent visit to Sydney Children's Hospital. Gotta say, these kids look pretty darn happy - they're lucky to have someone like Kylie Minogue on their side, doncha think?

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