Friday, February 22, 2008


Who woulda thunk that Mario Lopez would grow up to be so damn hot? Looking at reruns of Saved By The Bell, when he was rocking the acid-wash jeans all the time, he was definitely a cutie, but it didn't seem too likely that he would turn out to be so ridiculously yummy in his 30's. And those dimples! Those are major-league dimples, big enough I'm sure to curl up inside with Mario himself.

The pic above is from last week, on Valentine's Day. Mario did a very good deed by hooking up with his partner there (aka Maggie Moo) to hand out ice cream cupcakes and Valentines to sick kids in Santa Monica, CA at the UCLA and Orthopaedic Hospital. They walked around the pediatric department spreading love and putting smiles back where they belong. It's good to know that these kids have experiences like this to brighten up the day as the recover from illness.

This good deed just makes this boy all the hotter, n'est-ce pas? And if you're not totally convinced yet like I am, check out this steamy shower scene clip from Mario Lopez's appearance on FX's Nip/Tuck:

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