Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Those bad boys from Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model are at it again.

The official event website has been updated with new photos of the contestants. The pics were taken at their recent Valentine's Day event. The soiree was a chance for local media and the public to be big 'ol lookey-loo's at the 12 Finalists. And it appears everyone got an eyeful since the meet 'n greet was tied in with the Canadian launch of aussieBum's Valentine Boxer line.
Here's an official photo of some of the contestants in their brand new Valentine Boxers. They do look tres cute, but I'm not quite sure what's going on with the contestant who is lying down (I think his name's Darren). Perhaps he's preparing for Vancouver's Next Gay Bottom Model. Tee hee. He's a cutie though, so I'd be happy to see him in either event.
The Valentine Event was an important night for all the guys as it was worth 5% of their total score toward the selection of the final 3 contestants. Go here to check out some more pics of the Valentine's Day event.

Today the Gay Top Model crew paid a visit to Shaw TV studios here in Vancouver for an appearance on everyone's favourite local talk show Urban Rush. No question about it, co-hosts Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes are down with the gays.

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They've always portrayed total acceptance of the gays on their talk show, a fact which was pretty much driven home for me when I saw Fiona Forbes at The Odyssey once, many moons ago.

On Urban Rush, 6 contestants strutted in front of the camera, one by one, sans shirt, and then lined up, side by side, for a quick Q&A.
The first contestant to appear was Dustin and while he obvs has hair confidence, he looked rattled and uncomfortable. Hopefully he'll relax a bit as the competition rolls on. We also saw Micah, Peter, Tyrone and Rhys (I hope I got all their names correct). When each was asked why he should be Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model, their replies were kinda funny, kinda bitchy, kinda sincere.
Now, forgive me if I match the right reply to the wrong guy, but I'll try my best here... when asked why he should win, Micah's reply was something to the effect of 'just look at me'; Rhys' reply was 'because I'm the tallest'; and the last one muttered something about 'I thought it would be good for my career'.

I don't know if I like those answers... these guys all have lots of potential and I know it can't be easy to parade yourself half-naked in front of hot lights, tv cameras and lots of strangers, but to me those types of answers are intended just to kind of bitch everyone to death instead of offering some real insight into why they entered this competition, why they each would like to win and how they might be able to prop up their gay community with the title. After all, it is a little bit of a byoo-tee pageant, now isn't it? I really think that the guy who wins is going to have to be totally comfortable in his own skin so that when he's crowned the winner, all of us will feel comfortable with him.
Personally, I can't wait to see who wins because Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model is one of the most fun events in a long time to capture Vancouver's imagination.

100% of ticket proceeds for the final event on March 6/08 support Friends for Life. Take a look at the Friends for Life website and then you'll feel really good about where your money is going when you buy a ticket for March 6th. Get tickets here. See ya there.

All this has me thinkin' 'bout the original gay top model, RuPaul! For old time's sake... behold Supermodel:


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