Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Our girl Gwen Stefani is stepping up to help out those kids from the OC...
No, not Mischa Barton who got popped right after Christmas for a DUI and possession of a controlled substance. And not her super-cute OC friends either, like Adam Brody (who definitely needs a bit of help that should only be delivered by me). Mmmm ... Adam Brody...

Ain't he just the most darlin' young thang? I digress... back to Gwen and her good deeds.

The big G has another online auction coming up soon in March to raise funds for two OC (Orange County) charities, Children's Hospital of Orange County , a rare place which works cooperatively to provide medical care for kids regardless of the family's ability to pay. The other charity is Orangewood Children's Foundation and this one works for the well-being of kids in the foster system. We need more places like these in this world, doncha think?

There's tons of cool shit from Gwen Stefani's recent world tour up for grabs. You can bid on her costumes, or those of her Harajuku girls or her B-boys. There's also props like the jail cell used in the Sweet Escape video or a great, big, lit-up letter G.
If you wanna take a peek at the complete list of auction items, check out Gwen's eBay page . Here's a couple pics from her world tour wearing a couple things going on auction ... a Swarovski crystal-covered romper, a kick-ass pair of boots and, natch, a big 'ol G:

Gwen def knows that Gimme Never Gets:
“When I saw how successful the last charity auction was, and how supportive and excited the fans were to be a part of it, I thought it’d be great to do another one. To be able to share these amazing costumes with my fans and raise more money for CHOC and the Orangewood Foundation at the same time is very exciting.” - Gwen Stefani

Since we're lovin' up on Gwen right now, I'm reminded of a clip of MadTV from last year - a hilarious parody of Gwen Stefani's video for The Sweet Escape. Here's our daily LOL:

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