Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today there's some more details on Madonna's forthcoming new album entitled 'Hard Candy'. As I mentioned yesterday, the release date was set for April 28 and it now appears Her Madgesty's new disc will drop one day later here in North America. And apparently she's all set to kick our asses!
Here's the poop from Entertainment Weekly:

The title of Madonna's forthcoming album will be Hard Candy, has learned exclusively. The record, her last studio effort for Warner Bros., includes a track called "Candy Store." Madonna chose to stick with the sweet theme because "she loves candy," says her longtime rep Liz Rosenberg. "It's about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness, or as Madonna so eloquently expressed 'I'm gonna kick your ass, but it's going to make you feel good.'" The album, which features Justin Timberlake on multiple tracks and production by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Nate "Danja" Hills, will see a U.S. release on April 29. The first single, "Four Minutes," will be out at the end of March. (thx)
I curl my toes with glee! The last Madonna album was all kinds of fab and I can't wait to hear the new one. Hopefully our reliable old friend the Triple-Dub will do what it does best and magically *offer* fans an opportunity to hear the stuff soon ;-)

But wait! There's more cool news involving Madonna today. According to E!, she's in talks to perform with a crazy/huge roster of other artists at the World Peace One concert coming in May. World Peace One is an awesome organization. Here's their deal - read it and feel good:
World Peace One ™ is a massive, worldwide peace declaration (with) a common vision to bring an end to war during our lifetime.
This worldwide media event will reach a global audience and...will showcase international musicians, dancers, drummers, acrobats, child choruses, film stars, political and religious leaders, Nobel Prize winners, artists, best-selling authors, and diplomats. Live, pre-produced, and interactive segments which will empower and re-educate the people of the world to make a difference.
World Peace One™ is the first installment of a Ten Year Global Peace Initiative, aimed at ending war and establishing lasting peace for the entire human race. The initiative includes...the call for the creation of a Department of Peace in every government, major corporation, religion, as well as school and university in the world in efforts to secure the future;

World Peace One™ has launched the most ambitious humanitarian movement ever. This initial global concert event is currently planned to be broadcast "Live" from primary host venues with the support of secondary host cities spanning 24 time-zones across the world.
World Peace One™ is attracting a line-up of international recording artists, djs, producers, actors, athletes, Nobel Laureates, doctors, scientists, diplomats, inspirational leaders, and concerned global citizens who are contributing their time, status and resources to the important cause of Peace in our complex and perilous global environment.
World Peace One...will be the recipient and beneficiary of all donor funds, and portions of proceeds from all revenues generated by the World Peace One™ events and contributions.
World Peace One, Inc is mobilizing the world's support for ending all war and the achievement of real and lasting peace.
The World Peace One™ event will pragmatically contribute to an emerging global community in desperate need of enlightened leadership, universal human values, and consciousness that favors peace education. The initiatives we are pursuing can unify, enlighten, and deliver new models of community and problem solving that result in greater respect for human life - a foundation on which peace can be achieved.
Doesn't that sound perfect? I love the idea of challenging every government around the world to create a Department of Peace! It's such a simple idea. When I travelled in Costa Rica I was delighted to learn that country's government has a $0 defense budget.
The World Peace One concert had been set for May 17, but negotiations with the goverment of China have necessitated a change in date. I guess we'll have to keep checking the WP1 website for an update on the concert date.
BTW! Aside from Madonna, the other artists reportedly in talks to perform are U2, Led Zeppelin, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie,, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Velvet Revolver, INXS, Aerosmith and ZZ Top.


Danney said...

Actually the show was set for December 8th and 9th, but negotiations with the Chinese government necessitated a change. Now the China government, along with Portugal, have already committed to May 17th as a concert date.

Kentology said...

Thanks for the update Danney


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