Monday, February 4, 2008


As if we needed any more evidence that The View sucks ever since Rosie O'Donnell left, here it is... Kathy Griffin, once a heavy-contender to co-host the ABC morning show, has once again been 'banned' from appearing on the failing broadcast. Or, to use her own word "re-banned":

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has been dropped from "The View" for a second time, after she was "mean" to co-host Barbara Walters. The star was due to appear on the talk show on Tuesday, to coincide with the final night of her sold-out stand-up show in New York, but she was left fuming after being scrapped at the last minute. She tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "I was supposed to be on 'The View' (today). But then I get a call from (producer) Bill Geddie, and he says, 'You were too mean to Barbara on your last special, so you can't come on.' Can you believe it? I've been banned before but never re-banned!" Griffin co-hosted "The View" on a number of occasions following the departure of Rosie O'Donnell last year but was dropped after her long-running gags about Walters led to speculation of a rift between the pair. A source close to the show said the reason has less to do with Walters and more to do with Geddie’s dislike for Griffin’s relationship with former host Rosie O’Donnell. “It wasn’t always this bad because don’t forget, she was once considered as a co-host. But she’s really good friends with Rosie, and that isn’t going to work with Bill. It’s getting nasty,” said the source. “Barbara stays totally out of the bookings,” the source added. “So while it sounds plausible to blame her, it’s just not the case.” If you’re curious about the first ban of Griffin, she told Larry King in August 2006 that she thought it was because of then-co-host Star Jones. “I just like to tick her off,” she told King. “And, by the way, it takes about two seconds and it’s fun. It passes the time.” (Root Cause; Root Cause)

LOL! Kathy's my freakin' hero! If given the chance, I would totally do something to piss off Star Jones, too. BTW, here's a worthy sidebar: didja hear Star Jones' TV show was canned? That's the truth, peeps. Well-deserved, I'd say.
As for Kathy Griffin and Barbara Walters, there's no doubt that Kathy likes to talk about Babs. Back in November when I saw Kathy perform here in Vancouver, she wrapped up her show with some side-splitting stories about, and impersonations of, Ms. Walters.
Back to The View debacle, I don't know if I believe that Barbara Walters completely stays out of the bookings for her own show. I mean, she produces the damn show for cryin' in the soup! She's not gonna easily offer up a soapbox to someone who may be a detriment to her reputation so they can (likely) ridicule her. She might be old, but she ain't too old for ego! It's really too bad though because Kathy Griffin keeps everyone on their tippy toes. And if The View needs anything right now, it's something to get all the co-hosts and the 'view'ers on their collective toes to spark some interest in the show. I pray that Joy Behar gets out while she can - she's the only smart one left.
And to prove that Kathy Griffin is one of our brightest stars, check this from her official website:

Kathy sends thanks for your all your thoughts and prayers. If you wish to help pay tribute to the life, love and spirit of John Patrick Griffin, please see below. Kathy, her mother and family chose the following charity to help honor him. They ask that anyone wishing to put in a donation to honor John Griffin do so at the following link: American Heart Association. Once again we would like to thank you all for the stream of good wishes and thoughts over the past year. They were and are so appreciated.

When Kathy lost her Dad it was very difficult to watch because you could see the pain she was in. I would imagine authentic events like this in her life, and on her reality show, contributed greatly to her finally winning an Emmy for My Life On The D-List last year. Bless her Dad and let him rest in peace. Watch it here:

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