Sunday, February 10, 2008


A couple years ago my sister and I sped through the streets of Vancouver in order to make it home to a TV set by 8pm sharp - that's when Madonna and Gorillaz were due to perform and open the Grammy Awards. It was worth breaking traffic laws - the performance was totally cool.

I'm a geek for the Grammy's. Every year I watch the show and this year is no different. Having just watched all of this year's telecast, nearly 4 hours long, I gotta say I kinda loved it alot. Here's a rundown of some stand-out moments along the way:

It seems nothing happens in Hollywood without a connection to the ubiquitous Tom Hanks and the Grammys seem to be included in this questionable phenomenon. Hanks showed up on the Grammy stage to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to The Band. It was good to see one of the “Band” members, Canadian music legend Robbie Robertson, in the audience.

Kanye West’s performance was the coolest, if not the very best on this year’s show. He did a super- great version of his hit Stronger under glow-in-the-dark lighting that allowed only his 80’s-throwback sunglasses and jacket to appear visible on an otherwise pitch-black stage. The effect created an addictive visual I couldn’t resist. Definitely something worth checking out on YouTube. After Stronger, Kanye sang a deeply moving version of Mama, in tribute to his Mom who passed away last November. His heart was in it and that came across loud and clear. It really was a beautiful performance. Another one to watch again online sometime.

You just know it’s a big-time event when Cher appears on stage. Looking unreal, she introduced a performance by Beyonce and Tina Turner.

In the weirdest combination of performers to ever take the stage to present an award, a Grammy was presented by Nelly Furtado, Andy Williams and ‘Without a Trace’ actress Rosalyn Sanchez. WTF? Okay - Nelly’s hot and current so it makes sense she’d be there. Andy Williams hosted the first 7 Grammy Awards so it makes sense that he’d there. But, Rosalyn Sanchez? Again I ask, WTF? Other than she co-stars on a CBS drama and the Grammys aired on CBS, I cannot fathom why she’d be there. And if irrelevant cross-promotion is the reason, then CBS is just really lame.

The Queen of Soul appeared with BB Winans to remind us why she is one of the greatest living singers. Almost nothing is as pure as Aretha’s beautiful voice. But holy cow, has she ever larged up! Time to work on your fitness, Queen or your fans might have to say a little prayer for you.

Dave Stewart (formerly one half of Eurythmics) and Ringo Starr came on stage to present Best Country Album. The winner was Vince Gill and after Ringo Starr handed him his award, Vince Gill quipped: “I just got an award presented to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?” This was the evening’s shining moment of hilarity.

Rihanna and Jay-Z won Best Rap/Sung collaboration for Umbrella. She looked hot while thanking her supporters and giving a shout out to Barbados. If I could be an almost 20 year old Bajan girl, I would want to be Rihanna. Just to look at myself in the mirror.

Bonnie Raitt emerged from wherever she’s been, still looking like lightning struck the part in her hair. She introduced Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and John Fogerty. They were lively, but they were rockabilly and it was not my thing. But an interesting aspect was Little Richard’s heavy reliance upon cosmetics. It wasn’t just stage makeup, it was more like I-really-wanna-look-like-a-woman makeup. The only thing convincing me he hasn’t gone ahead with the big snip is that his voice is still deep.

All said and done, I thought this year's Grammy telecast was one of the most entertaining I've seen and pretty much just a big 'ol Gram Slam.

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