Sunday, April 13, 2008


(Hilarious and brilliant) Kathy Griffin has appeared in public with (not sure what adjectives should go here) Adnan Ghalib.

The pair was photographed shopping at Victoria’s Secret and then on Rodeo Drive where they attracted a fair amount of attention. Here are some pics from Splash via The Superficial

It’s obvs a ploy, me thinks - a ploy for an episode of Kathy’s hilarious and brilliant My Life on the D-List. After all, we’ve seen something similar before when she staged a drunken exit from a taxi in London to scare up some photos and publicity. And it worked! The events were showcased later on TMZ. And how ‘bout her ‘date’ with Nick Carter? Looks like that sitch has been replaced by time spent with Steve Wozniak.

This is why Kathy Griffin is hilarious and brilliant. She is totally upfront about doing almost anything for publicity. She’ll arrange to be seen in public with anyone if it gets some attention from paps, magazines, whoever. In doing so, she proves that even declaring this intention does not cause others (ie. paps) to re-think what they are doing or why they are doing it. They just go ahead and click their cameras.
Of course the only reason they’re doing it, in this case, is because of some lingering notoriety surrounding Adnan Ghalib and his recent connections to Britney Spears. The paps can’t stop thinking about late night appearances at gas stations and this is all they’ve got to relive those glory days of their occupations.
And Kathy is not only capitalizing on that, but also using a very popular medium to expose the ease with which she, or anyone, can manipulate this machine and get it to do what *she* wants it to do. And that, dear friends, is why Kathy Griffin is hilarious and brilliant.

To be sure, watch this Splash video of Kathy and Adnan on Rodeo Drive and then driving away in a silver convertible. You’ll see at the tail end of the footage that their car is following a green SUV with a camera crew hanging out of the back of it, filming the two of them in the convertible. That ain’t paps, kids – I'm thinking that's her own crew from her own show. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but based on what I've seen so far... I doubt it.

All this Kathy Griffin news/talk is the perfect follow-up to my day trip yesterday with M-dub to Seattle Premium Outlets. On the way to this most-fabulous shopping destination, we stopped for a bite at Applebee's - a first-time experience for both us because we ain't got none of that in the Great White North. The reason I really wanted to go there was because that restaurant is the punchline to a great Kathy Griffin joke:
Says Griffin about the “velvet rope” scene at those trendy LA nightclubs: “I'm a child of the 70s and remember those Studio 54 stories where there's a guy saying ‘you're hot enough to get in and you're not' and I know I'm on the not list. When I go to Applebee's I get a table whenever I want.” [Source]
So we went to Applebee's and it ruled! I had an Ultimate Trio with steak quesadilla towers (yum!), artichoke dip & mini-Chicken ranchers. It was all totally bad for me and totally delicious. M-dub looked at the menu and said it felt like being on a holiday! Love it.

After the food, it was time to shop. Kids, I'm tellin' ya, Seattle Premium Outlets is outdoor outlet shopping at its best. Tons and tons and TONS of stores like Perry Ellis, Banana Republic, Dickie's, Skechers, Quicksilver, Cole Haan, Coach, Liz Claiborne, Guess, J. Crew, Eddie Bauer (which makes me hate my eyes), and best of all... Christian Outlet. That's right, at Christian Outlet you can take home all the discounted Christian's your little heart desires. Nothing like getting God at bargain prices. For me, I opted for a new Perry Ellis jacket for the spring. Fashion Accomplished! Here's a peek at hot boys in the Perry Ellis Spring '08 collection:

(Photo credit: AP)

Back to Applebe's, literally, we decided that one Applebe's experience in one day wasn't enough. So after shopping we went to another location and tried dessert. I had a mango milkshake and M-dub went for the apple pie sans ice cream. More good times were had over these tasty and sinful choices.

Next time, we're planning a cross-border brunch to try out Applebe's breakfast menu. Can.Not.Wait.

btw - Kathy supports the American Heart Assocation. Maybe you'd like to as well? Visit their website to see about giving back. You'll feel good about yourself when you're helping out someone else.

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