Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Score" another one for local beauty contest

We’ve had another gander at those bad boys from the second cycle of Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. Thursday night at Score on Davie was another event in a series of many for the now-annual charity event.

Not only did we get to see all the contestants again, but the evening also allowed some public exposure for Danny’s burgeoning career as a hand model (despite his subversive choice to use a certain finger for this pic):

The event at Score was also time for the 2009 contestants to get all gussied up in the sporting gear of their choice.

Presumably, the boys were representing a sport they actually play or do. But, if it was me up there as a contestant – and since the word “sport” may as well be Swahili to my ears – my choice of sport gear would be purely based on athletes who look the hottest in or out of their gear … and for me, that sport would be rugby:

After all, I think Principal McGee said it best when she said, "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!"

Once again, as always, I digress. Back to the parade of half-nekkid contestants at Score. Check ‘em out for yourself:

It seems as though I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for this next contestant. His name’s Reese (sp?).

He’s got a great attitude toward himself and to this competition. He comes across as very casual and not at all invested in any kind of ego trip which could easily accompany someone on such a public ride like Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. He's got a great smile, I like him, and I think he'll do quite well in this competition, if not perhaps become the winner at the finale event on April 2nd.

, and this gonna sound weird, I’m strangely entranced by the way he walks. Light, short steps. I have no idea why that appeals to me … I guess you’re just gonna hafta see it for yourself and then you can decide if I’m crazy or not.

Ok, let's carry on with the other contestants, shall we?

The host of the night was Aaron Ursacki, winner of 2008’s VNGTM. Seriously, all this guy has to do is throw on a baseball shirt and a cap and I’m sold.

Not only is he yummy, imho, but he’s also down-to-earth. He totally deserved to win last year.

Here’s some pics of Aaron interviewing the ’09 Collection:

Here’s a couple more pics of Reese (Reece?)... just ‘cause I like him:

And then, when all the parading and chatting and posing and strutting was complete, VNGTM honcho Terry Costa gathered the lads for the inevitable elimination.

I wonder if Terry’s been watching American Idol for tips on how to eliminate because he kind of toys with these boys when it comes to telling them it’s time to stay or go. You know what I mean, he’ll look someone in the eye and through careful choice of words that person will be left for a few moments completely unsure if they’re getting the boot or not.

Meanwhile, the ladies in the crowd washed down their growing anxiety:

And in the blink of a false eyelash, it became clear that all contestants were staying... except for these two:

Congrats to those guys for having the guts to put themselves on the line for Gay Top Model honours and for Friends for Life, the charity of choice for VNGTM.

*NOTE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE* The $5 voting fee at Score on Thursday night went to Friends for Life. In fact, whenever you see a cover charge or something like that for one of the Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model events, that is how this event continues to raise funds for Friends for Life. So hopefully that encourages you to get out there and partake in the good times ;-)

We got to meet contestant Calan - he’s the one who turned 22 at last Sunday’s Gay Top Model event down the street at (Anything With A) Pulse. I couldn’t resist getting the scoop behind his choice of shirt for the night:

That is the raddest shirt ever. LOVE IT. Calan said he picked it up in London. Since he’s 22, he’s totally allowed to wear it. As for myself, I may not have been made in the 80’s, but the 80’s definitely made me! So I gotta give props where props are due.

Danny and I took off and went over to 1181 to hang out for awhile before calling it a night. Speaking of the 80's, the DJ at 1181 played (Keep Feeling) Fascination by Human League ... singing along was clearly in order:

On the way home, the sandwich board in front of Ho Ho’s caught my eye. They have a particularly catchy slogan: Oriental Yummy Food. But unfortunately, something not-at-all-yummy was obviously delivered from above and slid its way right down the sign, right across the word ‘yummy’. Ewww.

if you wanna get REALLY grossed out, make sure you click on the image so that you can view a nice, big, hi-res version of it

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