Friday, March 7, 2008

And the Winner is… AARON!

Aaron is THE man – he’s Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model. Congratulations you handsome, first-ever Gay Top Model, you. You Deserve It!

He's obviously the one on the left. Look at how totally adorable the expression on his face is... The other two contestants, Rhys in the middle and Dustin on the right, well... me thinks they were not feeling too adorable at that point :-(

Last night was the live show/final event of Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model. Live in the heart of Vancouver’s Davie Village, hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of the cool kids took their goodies down to Celebrities, one of Vancouver’s largest night clubs and last night’s venue to support Friends for Life and witness the crowning of Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model.

And congrats to the rest of the Top 12 for their confidence and courage to go all the way.

The packed crowd watched all 12 contestants all night long as they sashayed & shantayed on the catwalk to hoots & hollers, screams & cheers, applause & appreciation from the impressive and obviously-impressed crowd of curious onlookers.

And yes, there was a swimsuit portion of the evening. And… yes… that portion was good.

And you know what else? Okay, this might seem like a totally obvious statement, but ALL the guys in Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model are REALLY good looking. Honestly, each guy is actually better looking in person than in the great photos and video we’ve seen of them on YouTube or on

I found Darren, Peter, Tyrone & Christopher to be *particularly* swoon-worthy. I do honestly now think that Vancouver has 12 super-hot dudes that everyone else should take a second look at ;-)

Not only does each possess hotness for days (and weeks and months and years), but these lads def had their cookies in for a workout or two during the competition. The Top 12 had bodies ripped up like Michael Jackson’s application form to be a Big Brother.

SEER-EE-US-LEE-RIPT, I tell you. Kinda makes me think I should stop planting potatoes on the sofa.

I cannot imagine the challenge of going through a competitive experience like this one. I’m sure each contestant went on a roller-coaster ride of feelings and emotions since the first audition back in January – excitement, anticipation, anxiety, doubt, disappointment, relief, satisfaction, pride, courage, and just plain ‘ol happiness… all while appearing as not just gay top models, but also role models for Vancouver’s entire community, not just the gay community. Last night’s event was packed with gay and straight guys and gals enjoying the show and having a lot of fun.

Back to our Gay Top Model Aaron, here’s some pics & vids of Gay Top Model Aaron so you can enjoy his hotness...

No question, he's a hottie. And it was really quite adorable how he embraced his boyfriend after he was announced as the winner.

Okay, so now you gotta check all the stuff in his prize package. This boy's gonna have ALOT of good times ahead of him - this loot is the shiznit:
Courtesy of AussieBum, the winner of VNGTM will receive a return paid trip to Australia and go on a shopping spree inside the head office of AussieBum taking home new designs yet to be released. For the period of five days, the winner will participate in the AussieBum annual 'Outback Adventure' traveling to the famous Northern Territory and the world heritage site of Kakadu. He will join the AussieBum crew, as well as other international models, to actively participate in a shoot - whether that is behind the camera or in front of it. The shoot will take place in Darwin, after flying from Sydney, where 4WD cars will be the transport to reach Kakadu National Park where the team will stay. A helicopter is being used for aerial filming. A visit to some remote communities of Indigenous tribes and coming face to face with Australia's most dangerous wildlife, including swimming with crocodiles and shooting in the spectacular virgin forests. It will be an incredible 5 days in the most rugged and spectacular landscape in Australia. Afterwards, a drive back to Ayres Rock (Alice Springs) before returning to Sydney. The entire journey will be filmed for AusBum TV and broadcast on various outlets worldwide.
Courtesy of GayWhistler the winner of VNGTM will enjoy a two night adventure package at the Residence Inn by Marriott in one of the world's best resorts: Whistler.
Barely Legal Motorsports will provide a trip for 2 on their Alexander Falls Tour - This 3 hour adventure will take the winner and friend into the backcountry of the Callaghan Valley, home to the 2010 Nordic, Alpine, and Cross Country events. The tour ventures into the Madely Canyon with stops to take in the view of the 141 ft high Alexander Falls, Powder Mountain Glacier, and the beautiful and picturesque Madely Lake.
After this great adventure winners take in a Yummy Scrummy Carrot Vitamin Body Wrap, courtesy of Solarice Wellness Spa. This ultimate body treatment starts with a Vanilla or Mango Sugar Polish to exfoliate followed by a carrot vitamin masque blended with a light scent of clove & vanilla. A neck and foot massage follow and lastly, winners receive an all natural vanilla body butter massage.
The first-ever title winner of Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model will become an ambassador representing Vancouver at the 2008 Mr. Gay Canada.
The winner will also receive a prize package including:
AussieBum - all-access wardrobe and accessories
Bare Elegance MedSpa - $200 gift certificate
BRIDGE MAGAZINE - cover story (photo-shoot + article)
Decadance Designs - a painted portrait by local artist Dmity
DOUBLE-TAKE 2 - Fashion Portfolio photo-shoot.
Flaming Angels - Cutting Edge Vancouver Designer Outfit
Model & Talent Search Canada - entry to MTSC's Vancouver '08 event being held at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, March 28-30, 2008.
PRIAPE - $300 clothing gift-basket
Rocky Mountaineer Vacations presents the winner and guest with a Glacier Dome round-trip on the Whistler Mountaineer.
Shell's Salon Spa - Couples Theme Room Package (includes massage for two, muscle-relaxing soak in hydrotherapy tub, rock waterfall shower cleansing body wash; followed by a glass of wine and a gourmet light lunch. (source)
Not only does the trip Down Under sound tooooooooootally amaaaaaaaaaaazing, but I'm a wee bit envious of the Priape gift basket since I got some jeans there and they are fab.
Also, I went on the Whistler Mountaineer glacier dome to Whistler last summer and it is, by far, one of the finest luxury experiences you can have in the Vancouver and Whistler area.

The Live Show
Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model was alot fun to watch with alot of great entertainment. Perhaps a little too much entertainment? Perhaps a little too much delay before the winner was announced? I overheard folks in the crowd who were bummed out that the show took so long to present the actual models because several other acts started the show & several acts performed in-between each appearance of the models. Perhaps these interludes could have been shortened or less frequent.

Unfortunately, by about 1am, the venue was half-empty. That might be a symptom of Gay Top Model progressing to its climax at a pace not acceptable to the majority of spectators
who clearly paid to see a show, but did not stick around to see the end of that show. I went to the see Gay Top Model with a group of 8 friends. By the time it was over, only 4 of us remained. While that was their own decision to leave early, I did feel bad for everyone involved in putting on the show, especially the Top 12 contestants and, ultimately, the winner who obviously worked really hard to perform for a live audience. I doubt they did it just to finish up to a half-empty house. That said, the show was fun and I still think it really was a terrific idea in the first place.
Hopefully, if there's another Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model, the live event will be tighter and less focused on other acts & presenters and more focused on showcasing the models. They were why everyone was there, after all.
Also, instead of showing the contestants speak on video, it would have been great to hear them speak for themselves, live, during the show. You know... something along the lines of "I want world peace" woulda done the trick :-)

Friends for Life is the beneficiary of all the ticket proceeds. As I understood it, a sell-out show was targeted to raise $10,000 for this very deserving charity. Well done to all the good folk who bought tickets because your hard-earned money really is going to support a terrific organization. Find out more about Friends for Life here.

One last item - a very interesting note came at the end of last night's show when it was announced that the next great event Vancouver can look forward to is... The Bachelor.
Um, make that The GAY Bachelor!

Can. Not. Wait.

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Aaron said...

It was a very fun night and I want to say thank you for writing such great blog entries about this show / fundraiser. Terry did a great job and deserves all the props.

- Aaron - VNGTM :)

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