Sunday, March 2, 2008


Since it's Sunday, I feel I must praise baby Jesus for CNN (Celebrity News Network). Otherwise, our lives would be devoid of watching the great Larry King getting his groove on with Janet Miss Jackson earlier this week. Behold:

I hadn't thought of Larry King as a "struggling Jew" until he called himself one. Hmmm... I hope this sudden interest in choreography doesn't mean he's going to show up on Dancing With The Stars.

BTW - the new single "Feedback" from Janet Jackson was playing on the video screen behind them. The more I hear that song, the more I really like it. Yee-haw, I think Janet Miss Jackson is in "control" once again.

When he's not producing television more cringe-inducing than Steve Carrell's character on The Office, did you know that the Suspender'd Wonder and his Larry King Cardiac Foundation are pumping out good vibes in the fight against heart disease? Here's a bit about what they do:
The Larry King Cardiac Foundation has embraced an ambitious goal. We can, and we will, “Save a Heart a Day.”
Our vital support network of physicians, hospitals, medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies have joined us in this landmark commitment to bring critical care to people who have simply run out of options.
Saving lives, healing families, strengthening communities, one patient at a time … a heart a day.
Check out the Larry King Cardiac Foundation here.

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