Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So last weekend I tooooooootally went on a spontaneous Retro-Whitney-Binge. I kinda, sorta re-discovered some old skool Whitney Houston tracks that still kinda, sorta kick ass.

I realize that statement is gayer than the JC Chasez & Chace Crawford recent public bonding session at the Academy Awards viewing party in support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, but really... some of Whitney's old tunes still sound really good.

Example? Queen of the Night. And, Step By Step. Not to mention All The Man That I Need and All At Once. Good tunes, good times.

Check out how great she looks now in this new photo posted on Whitney's official website...

Not bad, eh? I'm really glad things are looking up for Whitney Houston and fortunately, it also looks like her emergence from Bobby Brown's crack-shack ain't just a phase, either.
I say that because IMDb is reporting (via WENN) that in a couple of months, she'll make her return when she hits the stage to perform at one of the UK's highest-profile annual charity fundraisers. Here's the scoop:
Whitney Houston is set to make her live comeback in London on May 8. Organizers of the Caudwell Children's Legend Ball in Battersea have revealed they've booked the diva for a charity show. Charity founder John Caudwell tells Britain's Marie Claire magazine, "We are thrilled to have an artist of Whitney's caliber to headline the event." The comeback concert isn't a big surprise - Tina Turner came out of retirement to perform at the charity's 2007 gala, which helped Caudwell raise over $2 million for disabled children. Houston is currently recording a new album with her mentor, music mogul Clive Davis, who claims the comeback project will be released in November (source).
According to the Caudwell Children website, the charity event will also feature cinema legends Jane Russell, Piper Laurie, Angie Dickinson, and Tippi Hedren.

That sounds fantastic! I'd love to be there to see all the legends lap up the attention. For old time's sake, let's have a quick look at these ladies...

Here's Tippi Hedren in an ancient, autographed publicity photo promoting her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. What a creepy movie! Those birds had far more than just crackers on their minds.

Next, we have Piper Laurie pictured in her classic role portraying the evil, twisted Mother in Stephen King's 'Carrie'. "Pray for strength, Carrie - you're weak and backsliding - pray for strength!" Piper Laurie said those lines with a timeless and chilling determination. Her character in Carrie made Mommie Dearest look like June Cleaver.

On a slightly-lighter note, here's Jane Russell in her "hay"day - nothing like a roll in the hay with a pistol at your side. Sexy!

And, the fabulous Angie Dickenson who paved the way on tv for other female cop heroines like Cagney & Lacey.

Ah, it's fun to reminisce ain't it? Ok, back to the Whitney Houston performance coming up in London, England. It certainly ain't no cheapie affair. Tables for 10 people are going for 10,000 pounds! (that's about $20,000 in Canadian/U.S. dollars).

I'm looking forward to seeing the inevitable video of how it all goes down - best 'o luck to Whitney as she prepares to hit the 'ol comeback trail.

BTW - Here are the aims of Caudwell Children. It seems like a really great organization:
To make donations to specific child cases of sickness, specialised medical requirements and dying wish holidays, and to buy or build a property to aid children/children's charities.
Check out the Caudwell Children website here.

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