Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One Day to go...

There's only one more day until Vancouver meets its Next Gay Top Model!

Thursday night is THE event and to get us through in the meantime, the VNGTM website has once again been updated with lots of great new photos of the contestants and their audition process. Here’s some fun pics of all the guys early in the competition, going through the trials and tribulations of the selection and audition process.

Ok, so yesterday I reported on the standings of our contestants after one of their “tasks” was completed – the Video task. If you missed that report, check it out here. It also includes a link to watch a short video from each contestant.

As promised, today I’ve got more *inside info* with a new report on standings after another task was finished… the Valentine Event featuring all the boys showing off themselves *and* brand new aussieBum Valentine Boxers. As you know, aussieBum is a major sponsor of this superb charity event.

Before we get to the standings, let’s take a look at the event and some of our contestants in their aussieBum finery.

The Valentine's Day event was worth 5% toward each contestant’s final score going into selecting the Top 3. The criteria to meet to win a full 5% score included:
Preparation for a public event
Runway walk in public
Overall presentation and pose
bility to contend with media and audience
And, photo shoot with aussieBum Valentine Boxers.

For the Valentine Event, 7 judges participated in the final score. With nearly a FULL 5% score, two guys tied with a top score of 4.45% - congratulations to Darren and Chad. Here they are:

Unfortunately, contestant Mark ran into some obstacles and he lost some score as a result, ending up with the lowest score of 2. Here’s Mark’s pic (and we wish him LOTS of luck with additional scoring opportunities because he's got tons 'o potential to do really well)

And somewhere in the middle of the scoring results from the Valentine Event were Tyrone and Pierson. Have a look a these guys…

Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model is being staged:
#1 – for fun!
#2 – to support Friends for Life!

Here’s where you can educate yourself about Friends for Life.

See ya tomorrow night!

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