Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Video Thrills and Modelling Stars

We're getting really close to the big day. Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model will be presented to the adoring masses Thursday night (March 6) at a super-glam shindig in the tender heart of Vancouver's big 'ol gay West End.

The venue is Celebrities. Usually just a dance club, Thursday night it's the site of Vancouver gay history in the making. 12 contestants will become 1 winner.

Have you met them yet? Check out their YouTube channel to watch short videos of each contestant introducing himself to you.

I'm QUITE tickled to offer you some *inside information* on how these videos were produced and, most importantly, how the contestants measured up against each other in this task which is judged and scored. The score from this task is a percentage of a final score used to determine the Top 3 contestants in the Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model final event on Thursday.

The instructions given to models were as follows: Create a "commercial" for yourself; Keep it as simple as possible; Maximum length of 10 seconds; Minimal scripting; Actual product placement forbidden. Twelve "judges" voted and their average scores were tabulated...

Christopher had the highest score for this task. Good for him! Here's the #1 video hottie...

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out quite so well for Rhys who is going to have to work harder. He was awarded the lowest score in this video task. I think Rhys has lots of potential though, and I like his tatoos. Maybe they'll get him a little further along in another task ;-) Here's Rhys...

Somewhere in the middle of the range of scores, 3 contestants all tied with the same score. Shall we refer to this as a "Menage-a-Score"? Those 3 are Patrick, Micah, and Peter.

There's a certain "je ne sais quoi" about Peter. I like him. He was very natural on-camera when the contestants appeared on Shaw TV's Urban Rush talk show last week. I hope he gets higher scores on other tasks.

Speaking of which, my next report on Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model will let you in on how all the boys did recently on the Valentine Event task where they got to show off their goodies in awesome, new aussieBum boxers. A tantalizing thought, n'est-ce pas?

If you wanna grab tickets, you should do it pronto - they're selling like beefcakes. Pick 'em up at Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium - all ticket proceeds go to charity. That's right... Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model was created entirely to support the Friends for Life society which assists people with life-threatening illness.

I encourage you to take a few seconds to learn more about Friends for Life here.

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