Sunday, December 23, 2007


Hilary Duff tried unsucessfully to get the hell outta Vancouver without being photographed,
but I guess even here in Hollywood North the photogs are lurking at YVR despite the snow we
got this weekend and the chilly temps.
She's been in Vancouver filming Safety Glass with Amanda Peet (most recently from the cancelled, much to my chagrin, Studio 60 tv series) and Amber Tamblyn (used to portray Emily on General Hospital).
Hillz was also spotted a couple weeks ago shopping with her Mom at the oh-so-glam Holt Renfrew at Vancouver's much-improved Pacific Centre adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel - there's a good chance she's been living in that hotel. Sure, Hilary's had her share of drama over the years with LiLo and Avril - but it's not all "Oh no you di'int" with her. She's also involved with Kids with a Cause:

Kids With A Cause was founded by Linda Finnegan in September, 1999, to teach the principles and practices of philanthropy to today's youth through interactive programs. The unique perspective of Kids With A Cause is the empowerment of children helping children. Our goal is to provide solutions to specific problems affecting children who suffer from poverty, lack of education or health-related issues. The members behind Kids With A Cause are young performers in the Entertainment Industry (film, television, stage & music) that donate their time and talent to bring hope and happiness to youth near and far. Kids With A Cause provides "hands-on" opportunities for celebrity youth to give back to their communities and to the children of the world. hich is a charity that uses young celebrities to encourage philanthropy among youth. *Thx*

Let's hope some of the cash she gets from working on 'Safety Glass' finds its way to Kids with a Cause. They're gonna need to pay for their superflash new digs in L.A.

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