Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So I finally downloaded the new Radiohead album - gotta say, it's a whole lot 'o brillz. And there's been quite a big stink over this album release because the band put it out online and let fans pay whatever they felt appropriate to obtain a copy of the new album entitled In Rainbows.

If rainbows are a fleeting, beautiful result of Mother Nature's work, then it sounds to me like Radiohead especially want that work to continue and therefore the band is encouraging fans to think green when it comes to being a true Radiohead fan... here's the goods:

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood has suggested the band could quit touring. Writing on the band’s blog Greenwood shared the results of a study carried out by Best Foot Forward on the band’s behalf. They discovered that comparing the band and the fans’ share of the total carbon dioxide output, moving from smaller amphitheatre venues shifts the fans share from 86 per-cent to 97 per-cent of total emissions. The band pledged to ensure that future gigs are held in city centre to improve use of more efficient transport links and to reduce reliance on flights. They’re asking fans to cut the amount of flights they take to gigs and to try raising average car occupancy to three per vehicle from the current 2.2 Greenwood said: “We’re aware that this study is tentative and partical but it’s a start.” (*Root*)

Gimme More of that! Seems like Greenwood and the other Radiohead boys have done some serious binge thinking to come up with such a strong way to relate to their fans and honor their environmental conscience. Reminds me of the Radiohead show I went to back in '01 - five of us piled into one vehicle and headed out to Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver, on the UBC campus. Pure bliss found us all for this outdoor show, as the summer sun set behind Radiohead and their stage - not quite a rainbow but just as sweet to see.

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