Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As if he isn't hot enough already, Brad Pitt elevated his already-super-hot status by showing up for a full hour on Larry King Live.

While it saddened me last week to hear his declaration of no more nude scenes, it Deee-Lite's me tonight, as I sit on the couch and get older by one hour, to watch Brad's beauty intensify - both outside and, yes, deep down too.

The altruistic hottie was interviewed on location in the lower 9th ward in New Orleans to publicize his project Make It Right. Sure, the sight of his shirtless torso makes me cream my jeans but when he reveals the pleasure he derives from using his profile to bring change to New Orleans, well... there just ain't nothing sexier than that.

Imagine: Brad sans shirt/avec toolbelt swingin' a hammer for the good of the people. To quote the immortal words of the great Golden Girl, Blanche Devereaux, I'd be all over that "like a tight shirt on a sweaty farm hand!"

Here's some intriguing snippets from the interview:

Brad admitted to liking geometry - so, that obviously means if I were to stand in front of him, my back to him, and then bend over while not wearing any pants, that would put me at a right angle to him, and right angles are, like, totally geometric, so I'm thinking I'd merely be getting into a position he likes. N'est-ce pas?

The Pink Project, which is the focal point of his Make It Right effort features non toxic, pink paint which will (somehow) be re-used once the 150 pink homes are adopted by someone like you. Not only that but the houses are lit by solar panels.

Larry King asked Brad how Angelina Jolie feels about what he's doing. Like the perfect and hot common-law partner I'm sure he is, Brad said she is a 'great voice, great intelligence, one of the great leaders as far as helping and changing...'

On fatherhood, Brad says it's the 'hardest job, most-rewarding job, it is everything...'

On acting, Brad said "I see it becoming less and less a focus as I get older"

Here's a Did You Know? about Brad: He didn't graduate from journalism school at University of Missouri. He is about credit and a half short.

Back to the Make It Right Project:

Pink structures now exist where houses, churches and businesses once did. These structures are shaped like houses, some upright and some not, to symbolize the neighbourhoods that once stood in their place and will, in time, exist once again.

Brad described the display as part social protest and part art installation - they're all pink because, as Brad said, pink "screams the loudest". You go, girl... uh, Brad.

Now that we've had the pleasure of drooling over Mr. Pitt for a bit, let's all do the right thing and visit the Make It Right website to learn about what is doing and what still needs to be done.

To encourage you, take a look here at His Hotness and then check out where the hotness can take you by visiting

You'll get a good feeling in the Pitt of your wanna-do-good stomach, and that feeling says... Gimme More!

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