Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday M-dub!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tom Hanks hosts online charity auction

Tom Hanks perpetuates his ubiquity this weekend by hosting a charity auction on eBay. Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are behind some significant online support of Shakespeare Festival/LA.

I understand that organization has been strengthening that city's live theatre community since about the same time that Tom Hanks co-starred with Shelley Long in one of my favourite films from the 80's, The Money Pit:

Aaah, that film = good times. I love it when AMC or one of those movie channels runs that flick on a weekend afternoon. Best part? Tom Hanks falling through a hole in the floor, enveloped by a giant rug, with only his hands and head sticking out above the hole he's in. Hilarious!

Anyhoo, back to Hanks and his eBay auction - here's the scoop as reported by ET:
TOM HANKS and wife RITA WILSON are sponsoring a charity auction on eBay Giving Works to benefit Shakespeare Festival L.A. -- and some serious, A-list prizes are up for grabs!

The successful bidder wins the chance to perform with Tom, Rita and an all-star cast -- including ANNETTE BENING, WILLIAM SHATNER, "Scrubs"' ZACK BRAFF, TIM ALLEN, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and DAVID SCHWIMMER -- in a performance of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew at the festival on May 19.

Other items on the auction block include Tom Hanks' personal recording on the winner's answering machine or voicemail message; and two tickets to
the NYC world premiere of Mamma Mia!, plus VIP access to cast after-party at the Boat House.

The auction went live on Thursday and runs through May 14, so head on over to eBay while there's still time to bid!(source)
Wow - wouldn't that just be too amazingly fun to appear on stage with that cast?! If I won I'm quite certain I'd need Zach Braff to re-enact some scenes with me from The Broken Hearts Club to help me out with my method acting.

Here's what the eBay auction page looks like. Now, is it just me or does Christina Applegate seem to look naturally younger everytime we see her? That girl's got some good genes, alright! Click on the image below to see a larger version of it.

And from that eBay auction page, here's a little blurb about this very cool community organization:

100% of the proceeds benefit Shakespeare Festival/LA. Shakespeare Festival/LA's mission is to enchant, enrich, and build community through professional theatrical traditions that are accessible to all.

Since 1985, SF/LA has been a cherished community and cultural resource. Whether it's through our nationally recognized youth and education programming, or our free, high-quality outdoor productions, SF/LA is committed to making the Bard's works accessible and relevant for Angelinos from all walks of life.

To learn more, visit:

To find more cool auctions like this one, visit eBay's Giving Works homepage and search for other listings that benefit a certified non-profit organization.

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