Thursday, September 10, 2009

'Extract' some Hollywood goodness
Unless you hate good times, go see this movie

Somehow, I hadn't heard too much about the new movie EXTRACT until Jason Bateman was on Late Show with David Letterman last week.

He's the star of the movie and certainly was on Letterman's show to promote his latest film (release date: Fri Sept 4). Bateman is totally classic story-teller. See for yourself:

Back to EXTRACT, we went to see it on Labour Day and can I just start by saying that if you hate laughing, skip this movie.

Directed by Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead, Office Space), EXTRACT is great big 'ol slice of fun at the movies the movies with countless laugh-your-head-off moments thanks to a script that practically sparkles with hilariously everyday dialogue enlivened by a nearly perfect cast of actors who all possess the ability to fire off their lines with just the right amount of bang.

Jason Bateman is Joel, owner of "Reynolds Extract" who is thirsty for relief of his sexual drought shared with his wife Suzie, played by the understated and still-underappreciated (she should be a household name by now) Kristen Wiig (currently of Saturday Night Live).

To make matters worse, a hot new temp (Family Guy's Mila Kunis) at Joel's office has him realizing he's starting to get a wandering eye.

Joel complains to his bartender-buddy Dean - played by Ben Affleck with longer, wavy-ish hair and a full-beard making him semi-unrecognizable - about his sexless marriage.

Dean concocts a ridiculous scheme to hire a gigolo he knows named Brad played perfectly by Vancouver's Dustin Milligan.

Brad's "V8-slap-to-the-forehead" dumbass-ness is a far cry from Milligan's 'Ethan' character on last year's first season of 90210.

And Milligan best be careful because his adroit pursuit of portraying an utter moron with convincing hilarity could pigeon hole him as the hot himbo going into the next decade. But I have a feeling he's too bright to let that happen (a recent article helped me draw that conclusion - to read it, go here).

Dean's scheme calls for Joel to "hire" Brad as the new pool cleaner, but actually he'll attempt to seduce Suzie. If he succeeds, and Suzie has an affair, then according to Dean, Joel will be in the perfect position to have his own affair with Cindy the hot temp. Thanks to a semi-unitentional ingestion of horse tranquilizer, Joel finds himself agreeing to go ahead with the scheme.

EXTRACT is very, very funny as it follows both the painful reality of a tanking marriage and is quite keenly balanced by a secondary story line involving Joel's company with its yappy employees who become disgruntled upon learing of Joel's plans to possibly sell his company.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the EXTRACT trailer:

Even though I regularly watch Family Guy, I need to give myself a bit of a "V8 slap-to-the-forehead" because somehow... somehow... I just didn't realize until the end of the film that the gorgeous actress playing the hot temp Cindy was Mila Kunis who voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy.

It's just so hilarious to me that a character like Meg is voiced by such a lovely young lady. She's a great choice for EXTRACT.

Here she was, on the set of EXTRACT... love her T-shirt:

Jason Bateman continues his adroit ascent to becoming one of Hollywood's funniest leading men. From Arrested Development to State of Play to Extract, even just the past few years or so of his work shows us he is one damn funny guy.

And he's been consistently working with superb material to showcase his talent.

Looking back to Bateman's role as Derek on TV's Silver Spoons in the 80's, I do think now (and I thought it then) that he had an edge and a certain "Je ne SASS quoi" that has allowed him to appeal on TV and movie screens for quite a long time now. Tu d'accord?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Charo Say, Charo Saw, Charo Ma Coo Sa

It figures that the ONE year I would skip watching homophobe Jerry Lewis’ annual telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association would be the same year Charo appears to let us see her do her own special brand of justice to a great Rhianna song (which itself was made great by borrowing from one of Michael Jackson's greatest songs).

Have y’all seen this yet? I have no words…


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