Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yup that was trendy in the 80s, too

Nothing to see here, folks except the most LOL-worthy photo I've come across in a while:

Image: Steve Harvey/Shooting Star

Best. Photo. Never!

And by Never! I mean I'll betcha anything there's a small part of Valerie Bertinelli - even somewhere deep inside her charming, deprecating self - which kinda wishes this photo was never published.

Not me though, no siree, I am tres glad to see this pic. Not to make fun of her, but only because it's a great way to wrap up a Sunday.

Bye-bye, Blondie bye-bye

As Fergie Ferg got ready to turn the big THREE-FOUR a couple days ago (March 27), she showed off a new look for a new number, back on March 12, at the March of Dimes Ball in NY.

SEE YA to the blonde... HOW 'DO to the brunette:

Gotta say, I kinda love it. I think she looked great before, but I really think this is a nice improvement for Fergie. Plus, it really sets off her shoes quite nicely, don't you think?

To be (blonde), or not to be (blonde)... that is the question


To be (brunette), or not to be (brunette)... perhaps THAT is the question.

Either way, the look was captured by the folks over at during the March of Dimes 34th annual Beauty Ball at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.

March of Dimes is dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

They do good work! Check 'em out, eh? And, while we're at it, one last look at those rockin' shoes:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

She brings the funny/gross for Earth Hour

Whether she's nude yet subtle on a city street, or taking the piss outta Fergie Ferg's lady lumps, Alanis Morissette's innate sense of humour is a big part of her work.

As a spokesperson for EARTH HOUR 2009, she made this great public service announcement to raise awareness of tonight's global effort to reduce climate change:

Love it! Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia is now 'round the globe. Here in Vancouver, BC Hydro will be calculating then publicizing the numbers showing the energy savings accumulated during one simple hour of turning off your lights. It'll be interesting to see how much nrg is saved.

The whole idea is to reduce the carbon footprint and relieve some of the climate change occurring on Earth.

I left my house so that I wouldn't be tempted at all... what did you do?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Queen of Pop takes to the Tweet-waves

While I was on Twitter tonight it became apparent that Madonna was online and tweeting with a few folks via her manager Guy O'Seary's Twitter account.

Un-fucking-fortunately for me, I missed it and came a little late to that particular party. Yup, by the time I got there the whole shah-mozz was already a memory for those who were lucky enough to get a chance to tweet back and forth with the amazing, fabulous, brilliant Madge.

So, because I'm a huge fan/geek, and I need a good excuse to avoid doing my taxes, I've managed to track what appears to be all exchanges tonight on Twitter between Madonna and a few other Twitter'ers. Here's the transcript. Keep in mind as you read this that anything under the heading "guyoseary" is Madonna (except for the first two tweets under that heading):

sitting here with madonna.. firstly she wants to say hello to all the iconers out there..
about 4 hours ago from web

madonna wants to thank all of you that took the time to send in their thoughts for g-hits album. we will be online for the next 10 minutes
about 4 hours ago from web

@guyoseary i've been supporting you since 1984 'm'...not going anywhere anytime soon!!! :p
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to guyoseary

@salonspotter supporting me in every way??????????????... –M
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to salonspotter

@guyoseary hello madonna honey am glad you are single again - you made your best music as a single woman! yeehaw!
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to guyoseary

@nickfirth NOT AS GLAD AS I AM! M...............
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to nickfirth

This person has protected their updates.

@ehoesch I'm right here. Tell me yourself::::::::::::::::m
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to ehoesch

@guyoseary OMG!!!!!!! U r really sitting with her rit now?!?! No way!!! Hiiii!!! :) love from Ohio :)
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@guyoseary tell her I'm a HUGE fan! Even at such a young age. Props to u girl!!! :)
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

Why don't I ever get any love? Anyway I'm tired I got school tomorrow & gotta get up early. Unlike other ppl. Let's go!!!
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@guyoseary why do u respond to all of the weirdos & not normal people like me?!?! Um I take my time 2 say somethin to u
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@FutureModel i don't distinguish between normal and weird. stop feeling sorry for yourself. what did you want to tell me??????????????? M.
about 4 hours ago from web in reply to FutureModel

@guyoseary I'm sorry if I am u mad!!!! I am really! SORRY! I was trying to get u to respond back to me. Is that so hard? I still love u M!
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

@guyoseary I really did not want to make any of u mad. & I'm not sorry for myself. Just trying 2 get some simple attention from Madonna! :)
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

Hahaha Madonna talked to me from @guyoseary. I just um... Died. LOL. Well I'm goin to bed. Tired! Forgot to study 4 science. Oops! Let's go!
about 4 hours ago from mobile web

really going to bed this time. Man I'm glad I stayed up for Madonna 2 talk me! Yeahhhh. Let's go!!! sleep. Lol
about 3 hours ago from mobile web

thanks for your love and support.. signing off.. i need my beauty rest.. -love mmmmmmmmmmmm.
about 4 hours ago from web

@perezhilton you obviously love Britney more cause you made an opening film for her show and not mine. i still love you, -going to sleep! –M
about 3 hours ago from web in reply to perezhilton

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

And there you have it... Madonna's March 25th "conversation" on Twitter!

Madonna's ALL CAPS tweet must be proof that she feels free and VERY glad to be single these days.

As for FutureModel, I can't believe Madonna wasted precious time on the Internets tweeting back to the individual responsible for that account. I mean, I get that FutureModel is a fan - so am I - but seriously... just pull yourself together. It's fucking Madonna on Twitter for goddess sake. Have some self-respect. Ah well, don't mind me, I'm probably just a wee tad green with envy that I'm not the one who got to tweet with Madge.

ANYWAY, I'm also somewhat troubled by Madonna's declaration of love for @perezhilton. To me, that's just a whole wide world of wrong. But ah well, to each their own... even Madge.

If you wanna know more about what Madonna is up to these days, check out the Raising Malawi website - big up to Madge for putting her heart (and cash) in the right place. A cool letter which she wrote is posted on that site. You can see it here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Charlotte twins promote World Water Week on Larry King Live

I never really paid much attention to Good Charlotte until they released their second album, The Young and the Hopeless.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a hopeless addict of The Young and the Restless so the fact that Good Charlotte riffed on the title of my fave daytime drama for their own album title made me take notice of the band.

Musically, however, they're not muh thang. Not that there's anything wrong with them, they're just not for me is all.

Anyhoo, tonight Joel (significant other to Nicole Richie) & Benji Madden from Good Charlotte made showed up on CNN (Celebrity News Network) for an appearance on Larry King Live.

As a result, Joel and Benji have now elevated themselves in my eyes from 'rock stars' (as identified on-screen during their interview) to 'human stars'.

They were on the show to talk about World Water Week, March 22-29 and Joel, specifically, as spokesmen for the TAP Project.

The TAP Project: "In 2007, the Tap Project was born in New York City based on a simple concept: restaurants would ask their patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and all funds raised would support UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world." [where that came from]

So it mighta been born in New York, but it's now in Canada too.

During World Water Week, you can make your "One Doll Hair" (aka, $1) donation at these Keg Steakhouse & Bar restaurants (omg, I HEART The Keg - my favourite one is on Granville Island. Others here in Vancouver can also donate a loonie at Elixir in the Opus Hotel or at any of these other restaurants all across the Great White North.

Back to those cute Madden boys (and they R looking extra cute these days, n'est-ce pas?), they cited Green Day and U2 as bands they "look up to", which I think is pretty cool. Props to Green Day for surprising longevity, and lotsa props to U2 for not only longevity, but also relentlessly admirable philanthropy.

When Larry King asked Benji about dating Paris Hilton, Benji confirmed what we all knew is true... yes, they were recently an item. When Larry King asked Benji if Paris is a 'good girl' or something like that, Benji replied with a curt "yeah". It was a clear signal to Larry King to change the subject which, thankfully, he did.

But it kinda left me thinking that I think Paris musta really broken poor Benji's heart. I don't hate Paris Hilton the way many others seem to, but in this case it seems like Benji is the one who got effed over. Ah well, better luck to him next time.

Benji Madden said he's "married to (his) music", and is working out to get ready for Good Charlotte's 5th album coming soon (and a tour, perhaps?) so I'll bet there's a ton o' ladies virtually or literally lining up to get a piece of him.

Back to their TAP Project for a sec, check out this vid, it's cool:

Pretty inspiring, right? If the UNICEF figures are accurate - and 900 million people really don't have access to safe water - then that's just unacceptable.

Funny to think that by being enabled to enjoy the luxury of dining out, we are also enabled to think about what we can do for those who likely do not enjoy the same luxury.

The good kids over at Look to the Stars also have the story today, along with these fine words from Joel Madden:
“I’m going to be spreading the word throughout World Water Week on Larry King Live, People Magazine, E! News and more to let everyone know why the Tap Project is such an important lifesaving campaign. Just $1 provides a child with safe drinking water for 40 days! All you have to do is find a participating restaurant online at, dine out during World Water Week, and pay $1 or more for the tap water you usually enjoy for free. Every single dollar raised supports UNICEF water, sanitation and hygiene programs. Even if you can’t dine out, you can still donate online at or text the word TAP to 864233 (UNICEF) to make a $5 donation.”
So, remember, drink your 8 glasses of water a day... and think about those who maybe can't.

Follow Tap Project on Twitter, here

Get more here on the TAP Project

Get more here on the Larry King Cardiac Foundation

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon the new Carrie Bradshaw?

Came across a really great little story today on People's Style Watch page. Behold:

Don'tcha just love that pic?! Here's the blurb ... I just love this.

At 12, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon is already a budding fashionista. Like her mother, the tween has shown a flair for eye-catching ensembles — and loves a vintage look. Spotted in the Big Apple just last month the teen was sporting these familiar oversized glasses. Lourdes’ ensemble seemed to us like a true blast from the — televised — past: Doesn’t she resemble Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Patty Greene from 1982’s shortlived series Square Pegs? Call it geek chic, or just plain cool, but could Madonna’s daughter be inspired by one of fashion’s most playful characters, SJP herself? — By: Liz McNeil

Personally, I don't think the comparisons end with Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Especially since I think the comparisons in fact BEGAN with Lourdes' mother... Madonna! Yup, Madonna and SJP. Again, behold the similarities:

While Madonna's steadfast rep Liz Rosenberg wasn't able to respond by deadline, a reaction by Sarah Jessica Parker was, however, captured:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Do Not Look At This Picture

Now THAT'S what I'M talkinbout! Best. Caption. Ever. That photo was on one of yesterday's posts on Pink Is The New You can check out the full post right about here.

That's it, I got nothing else today. Just sharin' the laughs is all, all y'all.

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